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2014 Legislative Summary

2014 Legislative Summary

Higher Education Bills

SB 394---The HEPC  Health Sciences Scholarship Program redesignated as Health Sciences Service Program. Expands funding availability to nurse educators, dentists, pharmacists, physical therapists, doctoral clinical psychologists and licensed independent clinical social workers. ( Effective 90 days from passage---June 4, 2014)

SB 450---Allows the ABC Commissioner to issue a license for the retail sale of wine in Division 1 athletic facilities. (Effective from passage---March 8, 2014)

SB 460---Allows WVSOM to invest up to $25 million through its Foundation. (Effective 90 from passage---June 2, 2014)

SB 483---Changes the title of the administrative heads of Potomac State and WVUIT from Provost to President. (Effective from passage---March 6, 2014)

SB 1003---Makes a supplemental appropriation to the Policy Commission 0f $5,250,000. Effective from passage---March 14, 2014)

HB 101---Reduces the allocation of the Commission Research Challenge fund from racetrack net terminal income by 100% and provides any funds for that purpose must be appropriated from State Excess Lottery Fund. (Effective from passage---March 14, 2014)

HB 4188---Center for Nursing funds transferred to HEPC to be administered by Vice Chancellor for Administration. HEPC to use funds for nursing student scholarships. Award recipients will have a service commitment in state after graduation. Up to $3,000 for LPN student, $7,500 for RN student, $15,000 for a nursing masters or doctoral student and $1,000 for a LPN nursing  educator certificate student. Emergency rule required by HEPC by August 1, 2014.  (Effective from passage---March 5, 2014)

HB 4457---Authorizes CTC  EDGE rule to be promulgated. (Effective from passage---March 5, 2014)

Other Bills of Note

SB 12---Heath care professionals allowed to prescribe antibiotics to partner of patient with a sexually transmitted disease without seeing or examining that partner and immunized from liability. (Effective 90 days from passage---June 6, 2014)

SB 253---Secretary of DHHR to select a community-based organization  to conduct a pilot program to Improve Outcomes for At-Risk Youth. Among the groups and persons the community-based organization is to collaborate with are both Chancellors and the closest colleges. (Effective 90 days from passage---June 6, 2014)

SB 322---Provides that state employees to be paid at least twice a month. Effectively will mean that state employees will be paid every two weeks eventually instead of twice a month. Starting July 1, 2014 all state employees will be paid two weeks in arrears but will not miss a paycheck because they will be given a credit of two weeks that will be recouped at end of employment. (Effective July1, 2014)

SB 356---Purchasing reforms statute. Requires all state spending units to, whenever possible, to purchase commodities and services on a competitive basis or through statewide contracts. Secretary for Administration authorized to issue cease and desist orders if Act not followed and officer violating may be made personally liable. Secretary may allow spending units to utilize master contracts from preapproved vendors. Purchasing training required. (Effective 90 days from passage---June 6, 2014)

SB 373---Water Resources Protection bill. Marshall University and WVU among entities authorized to enter into interagency agreements with Secretary of DEP and cooperate in effectuating purposes of bill and developing state water resources. (Effective 90 days from passage---June 6, 2014)

SB 425---New chapter of code regulating the licensure and practice of physician assistants. Regulatory authority given to Boards of Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine. (Effective 90 days from passage---June 6, 2014)

SB 602---Secretary of DHHR to promulgate rules requiring all health care professionals providing direct patient care to wear an identification badge.( Effective 90 days from passage---June 4, 2014)

HB 2387---Amends Fair Housing Act. Requires the owner of any dwelling to make reasonable accommodation for a disabled person’s assistance animal. Assistance animal has to  be less than 150 pounds and has to provide a disability related assistance or emotional support. Person may be required to submit medical documentation in support of need for assistance animal. May be denied if animal poses a direct threat or harm to others but individualized assessment must be made. (Effective 90 days from passage---June 6, 2014)

HB 3156---Prohibits an employee organization or its agent from being compelled to disclose a communication between a public employee and the organization in proceeding governed by the public Grievance Board. Organization may disclose if they believe there is a possibility of certain death or substantial harm or that a crime has been committed. (Effective 90 days from passage---June 6, 2014.)

HB 4254---State employees may be granted emergency leave with pay up to 15 days if declared essential to an emergency aid provider. (Effective from passage---March 7, 2014)

HB 4283---Raises minimum wage to $8 an hour on January 1, 2015 and $8.75 on January 1, 2016. Training wage goes up to $6.40 on January 1, 2015. (Effective 90 days from passage---June 6, 2014)

HB 4284---Employers to make reasonable accommodation for pregnancy, childbirth and related medical conditions. (Effective 90 days from passage---June 4, 2014)

HB 4318---Health professionals required to have 2 hours of continuing education each reporting period  on mental health conditions common to veterans and their families. (Effective from passage---March 8, 2014)

HB 4335---Mothers may nurse anywhere open to the public. Effective 90 days from passage---June 6, 2014)

HB 4560---Health care providers must provide copies of medical records to patients upon their written request. Reasonable costs may be charged for labor and materials to make copies with cost of labor not to exceed $25 an hour. (Effective 90 days from passage---June 6, 2014)