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West Virginia University Institute of Technology

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WVU Code of Conduct Draft


March 12, 2018


The professional conduct of West Virginia University (WVU) employees is critical to the fulfillment of the University’s mission and vision. This document outlines the expectations for all employees regarding how we perform our work and treat our fellow co-workers, staff members, students, visitors and others affiliated with the University community. Our collective efforts to behave in a manner consistent with WVU’s values will promote a positive work environment and lead to success in reaching our institutional goals.


These guidelines apply to all employees and officials regardless of position or rank on all WVU campuses and locations. This includes but is not limited to individuals using University resources or facilities or receiving funds administered by the University and volunteers and other representatives speaking, making decisions or acting on behalf of WVU.



The success of our University is built upon the concept of our employees and officials conducting themselves in a manner that demonstrates WVU’s values: service, curiosity, respect, accountability and appreciation.

The University promotes freedom of expression and open communications. WVU supports and encourages everyone to express their thoughts and concerns in a respectful manner. Leaders should provide fair and equitable treatment of others and create a positive, diverse, inclusive work environment.


WVU expects all employees to abide by these standards, to protect the University by complying with state and federal laws and regulations, and to follow professional standards of conduct and/or ethical requirements applicable to a specific assignment or discipline.


Employees also are expected to be ambassadors of WVU and avoid conduct that reflects adversely on the image of the University; to avoid any conflict of interest or the appearance thereof; to disclose potential conflicts of interest to the appropriate authorities; and to ensure that personal relationships do not interfere with the performance of work or the management of human and financial resources.


If appropriate, corrective measures may be recommended and might include formal disciplinary action for conduct not aligned with these standards. The type of action taken may vary due to the type and frequency of such conduct.











SERVICE – We seek opportunities to serve others and commit to providing the highest quality of service.


We will:


Contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of the unit.

Interact with others in a positive, respectful and appropriate manner.


Take initiative to help and seek solutions and/or resources and follow up as needed.


Respond in an appropriate timeframe and manner to phone calls, email and work-related questions.

Be transparent and honest in our interactions with others and share relevant information.


CURIOSITY – We ask questions and seek new opportunities and changes through innovation.


We will:


Welcome questions without defensiveness and focus on the issue and not the person.


Accept and encourage change that is for the greater good.


Think broadly and engage others from other departments to get a diverse perspective.


Find ways to remove barriers and strive to improve processes.


RESPECT – We are respectful, transparent and inclusive with each other.


We will:


Interact with others, regardless of position, in a courteous manner using appropriate tone and volume.


Treat others with fairness, kindness, civility and dignity.


Be attentive and show interest when others are speaking.


Be open to different thoughts and opinions and cultures while focusing on the issue.

Respect the decisions that have been made in the best interest of the University.


Respect the property of the University and others, whether material or intangible.

ACCOUNTABILITY – We perform at our very best every day to create a University that is responsive, efficient and effective.


We will:


Protect the confidentiality of personal and University information.


Conduct ourselves in a manner that promotes a safe environment.


Seek help as needed and take responsibility for our actions.


Be engaged and productive while contributing to collective successes.


Report to work fit for duty, free from all substances that impair our ability to perform job duties in a safe, secure, productive and effective manner.


APPRECIATION – We support and value each other’s contributions as we build a community that is One WVU.


We will:


Acknowledge individual and departmental achievements.


Express sincere gratitude to one another.


Listen to gain understanding and be considerate and responsive to the needs of others.

Recognize those who live the WVU Values.


WVU encourages the use of the Go Beyond recognition portal by employees to express appreciation to co-workers and supervisors. Access the portal at


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