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West Virginia University Institute of Technology

Classified Staff Council

February 28, 2018 House Session



2018 Session

February 28, 2018

Bills with movement are shaded

(Committee Abbreviation For Bill Location Is Below)

Bill No.




HB 2011


Prohibiting state agencies and departments from acting outside their statutory scopes of authority

As described. To HJ.

HB 2020


Freezing PEIA employee premiums for three years

As described. To HBI then HF.

HB 2022


Relating to public health

Commissioner of Health to regulate public restrooms. Hand sanitizers must be available. To HHHR then HF.

HB 2023


Changing the way that the costs of incarcerating inmates in regional jails is collected

Counties and municipalities where arrest made partially responsible. HPS then HF.

HB 2028

Folk, Hanshaw, Shott, Dean, Fleischauer, Fluharty, McGeehan, Paynter, Martin, Wilson

Relating to the venue for suits and other actions against the state

Can be brought in any county where plaintiff resides instead of just Kanawha County. Passed House. In SJ.

HB 2030


Eliminating the requirement that proceedings against the State, a state agency or state officer be brought and prosecuted in the circuit court of Kanawha County

Repeal venue statute re state agencies. To HJ.

HB 2075

Hanshaw, Fleischauer

Providing the Auditor with greater oversight of advance allowance accounts

Sets requirements for higher ed advance accounts. To HE then HF.

HB 2080


Increasing the amount of annual and incremental salary increases for eligible state employees

Changes increment from $60 per year of service to $100 per year. To HGO then HF.

HB 2085


Ensuring Patient Safety Act

Sets required patient/nurse ratios. To HHR then HGO.

HB 2103


Making changes to the definition of contractor for purposes of the West Virginia Contractor Licensing Act

Raises dollar amount in project that requires license. To HIL then HGO.

HB 2117

Overington, Rohrbach, Upson, Frich

Removing the requirement that home schooled students have to acquire a general equivalency degree (GED) in order to qualify for the promise scholarship

As described. To HE then HF.

HB 2138

McGeehan, Folk

Right to keep and bear arms

State agency rules against firearms void unless explicit authority. This section to trump local ordinances. To HJ.

HB 2144


Relating to relocation or closure of state higher education institutions

Institutions to get approval from HEPC and LOCEA before relocating facilities. To HE.

HB 2148


Providing taxpayers repaying their own student loans a modification reducing federal adjusted gross in the amount of the interest paid

Amount of interest paid can be removed from state taxable income. To HE then HF.

HB 2159

Fleischauer, Caputo, Hornbuckle

The Healthy and Safe Workplace Act

Employer liability foe employee bullying in workplace. To HIL then HJ.

HB 2174

Rodighiero, Hicks

Granting all public employees, all teachers, all service employees, all public employee retirees, all teacher retirees and all service employee retirees a $1,000 per year permanent pay increase

As described. To HE then HF.

HB 2184


Permitting teachers under the State Teachers Retirement System to teach college level courses without loss of benefits

As described. To HPR then then HF.

HB 2191

Ferrok, Hornbuckle, Fleischauer, Sponaugle, Fluharty

Relating to educational benefits for dependents of deceased or disabled veterans

Must be 100% disabled service connected. To HE then HF.

HB 2212

Howell, Hamilton

West Virginia Firearms Freedom Act

No federal regulation of firearms manufactured in WV. To HJ.

HB 2335

Overington, Rowan, Frich

Protecting academic freedom in higher education

Prohibits personnel decisions based upon religious or political views. To HE then HJ.

HB 2355

Fleischauer, Pyles, Canestraro, Lovejjoy, Thompson, Hicks, Robinson, Isner, Evans, E., Fluharty

Repealing the West Virginia Workplace Freedom Act and restoring prior law

No discrimination in union members. To HIL then HJ.

HB 2372

Fleischauer, Plyes, Canestraro, Lovejoy, Thompson, Hicks, Robinson, Isner, Evans, E., Fluharty

Reestablishing prevailing wages for certain state government contracts

As described. To HIL then HJ.

HB 2413

Folk, McGeehan, Shott, Upson, Martin, Walters, Householder, Howell

Requiring the comprehensive annual financial report to be published by the end of December

As described. To HGO then HF.

HB 2435


Relating to the disqualification of an employee for unemployment benefits

Disqualified during strikes. To HIL then HSB.

HB 2480


Changing the way counties pay for regional jail inmates

Counties to pay per hour of incarceration. To HJ then HF.

HB 2488

Gearheart, Butler, Folk, Frich, Householder

Relating to the forfeiture of unencumbered funds in special revenue accounts

Special revenue accounts can have 100% of their funds swept if no activity in account for specific period of time. To HGO then HF.

HB 2489

Gearheart, Butler, Folk, Frich, Householder

Requiring a transfer from reappropriated revenue accounts to General Revenue Fund

Percentage transferred to State Fund if no activity in fund over certain period of time. To HGO then HF.

HB 2546

Foster, Higginbotham, Howell, Wilson, Fast, Zatezalo, Kelly, Harshbarger, Maynard, Walters

Allowing replacement costs of employer provided property to be deducted from an employee’s final paycheck if the property is not returned

As described. Completed action.

HB 2554

Foster, Higginbotham, Frich Cowles, Wilson, Harshbarger, Maynard

West Virginia Contractor Licensing Act

Transfer licensing from Labor to independent Board. To HGO.

HB 2557

Kelly, Criss, Cooper, Rowan, Romine, R., Harshbarger, Hollen, Deem, Higginbotham, Anderson, Zatezalo

Relating to tuition and fees at community and technical colleges

Limits total to $6,000. Within 10 years all CTCs tuition cannot vary by more than 5% among them. To HE then HF.

HB 2568

Eldridge,Rodighiero, Maynard, Marcum, Hicks, Dean, Martin,Frich

Making the Holy Bible the official state book of West Virginia

As described. To HJ.

HB 2572

Espinosa, Upson, Cowles, Blair, Overington, Paynter, Fast, Walters, Higginbotham

Providing for the authorization and oversight of public charter schools

Chancellor of HEPC one of Oversight Board. To HE.

HB 2575

Cowles, Moore, Marcum

Relating to disqualification for unemployment benefits

Because of strike. To HJ.

HB 2604

Walters, Folk, Anderson, Hamilton, Evans, E.

Relating to employee information reported to the Consolidated Public Retirement Board

Must report all new employees. To HPR then HF.

HB 2613

Phillips, Frich, Foster, Sponaugle, Maynard, Gearheart, McGeehan, Overington, Paynter, Blair

Allowing state, county or municipal employees with a license to carry a concealed weapon to possess a firearm at any time in this state

As described. To HJ.

HB 2623

Fleischauer, Pyles, Brewer Hornbuckle, Byrd, Rowe, Robinson, Blair, Pethtel

Prohibiting discrimination based upon age or sexual orientation

As described. To HGO then HJ.

HB 2633

Folk, McGeehan, Paynter, Miley, Barrett, Phillips, Wilson

Requiring state institutions of higher education to conduct Phase 3 clinical research studies for any cancer treatment

Only those with a clinical research program. To HE then HHHR.

HB 2659

Brewer, Diserio, Pethtel, Ferro, Iaquinta, Miller, R., Boggs, Rodighiero, Caputo, Miley, Moye

Reestablishing prevailing wages for certain state government contracts

Most contracts covered. To HIL then HJ.

HB 2670

Lane, Fluharty, Miller, R., Canestraro, Diserio, Evans, E., Love Barrett, Sponaugle, Caputo

Prohibiting discrimination based upon age or sexual orientation

As described. To HIL then HJ.

HB 2713

Wilson, Paynter, Hill, Kelly, Higginbotham, Dean, Folk, Gearheart, Maynard

Permitting the carrying of concealed weapons on the campus of a state institution of higher education

Deemed as lawful to carry on campus if licensed to carry concealed weapon. To HE then HJ.

HB 2714

Wilson, Paynter, Maynard, Hill, Criss, Higginbotham, Dean, Folk

Permitting a firearm or other deadly weapon on or in a private primary or secondary education building, structure or facility

Does not mention higher ed institutions. To HE then HJ.

HB 2756

Cooper, Maynard, Paynter, Harshbarger, Moore, Ambler, Miller, C., Nelson

Making Promise scholarships available for students pursuing certificates or degrees through an accredited community and technical college

GPA of 2.5 and ACT of 18. To HE then HF.

HB 2818

Fast, Kessinger, Arvon, Hill

Prohibiting West Virginia institutions of higher learning and state agencies from discriminating against graduates of private, nonpublic or home schools by requiring them to submit to alternative testing

As described. To HE.

HB 2825

Miller, C., Sobonya, Upson, Rohrbach, Shott, Hornbuckle, Lovejoy, Hicks

Requiring state institutions of higher education adopt policies concerning sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking

BOGs to adopt policies. Affirmative consent policy to be adopted for sexual activity. To HE then HJ.

HB 2849

Folk, Wilson, Walters, Paynter, Gearheart, Martin, Hill

Providing that the compensation level of the Chancellor for Higher Education may be no more than the salary of the Governor

As described. To HE then HF.

HB 2858


Creating a loan tuition forgiveness program to encourage students in selected and necessary fields to remain in the state

New college families, colleges with low graduation rates, STEM graduates. To HE then HF.

HB 2871

Walters, Gearheart, Householder, Overington

Eliminating the mandated employer versus employee cost share of eighty percent employer, twenty percent employee for Public Employee Insurance Agency

As described. To HBI then HF.

HB 2887

Espinosa, Walters, Upson, Blair, Wilson, Cooper, Higginbotham

Relating to retirement and separation incentives

Institution need only pay costs to PEIA for those under 65. Passed HE .Now in HF.

HB 2921

Rowe, Lynch

Establishing a website clearinghouse for sharing information about potential sources of revenue, financial, technical and legal assistance for government agencies

Commerce to maintain. To HGO.

HB 2936

Fast, Howell, Arvon, Martin, Butler, Householder, Walters, Rowan

Requiring purchases to be made at lowest retail price available at level of quality sought by the spending unit

May not apply to higher ed. To HGO then HF.

HB 2945

Folk, Wilson, Paynter, McGeehan, Kessinger, Sobonya, Rodighiero, Marcum, Fast

Relating to exemptions from mandated immunizations

Allows higher ed students to waive out of immunization requirements. To HHHR then HJ.

HB 2997


Relating generally to applied associate of science degrees that target workforce needs

Certain degrees only to be granted by vocational technical schools. To HE.

HB 3001

Folk, McGeehan

Abolishing the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission

Powers transferred to BOGs. To HE then HF.

HB 3006

Hornbuckle, Miller, C., Rohrbach, Sobonya, Fluharty

Exempting certain contracts between the Department of Health and Human Resources and West Virginia University, Marshall University or the School for Osteopathic Medicine from state purchasing requirements

As described. To HE.

HB 3013

Hamrick, Howell, Butler, Gearheart, Queen, Maynard, Miller, C., Storch

Requiring an inspection or inspections of any building prior to purchase or major renovation by the state

For leases too. For costs over $100,000. ADA compliance and structural. Passed HGO now in HF.

HB 3031

Miley, Iaquinta, Longstreth, Ward, Caputo, Romine, R., Queen

Creating a state program allowing high school students advance to getting a college degree or technical training while in high school

SBOE to have articulation agreements with CTCs. To HE then HF.

HB 3051

Mr. Speaker (Mr. Armstead)

Appropriation Supremacy Act of 2017

Budget Bill to trump all other appropriation language. To HE then HF.

HB 3056

Overington, Rohrbach, Upson, Frich, Foster, Statler, Miller, C., Paynter, Moore, Sobonya

Relating to Promise scholarship program requirements for home schooled students

Removes GED requirement. To HE then HJ.

HB 3075

Criss, Iaquinta, Williams, Pyles, Higginbotham, Dean, Hartman, Blair, Westfall, Butler

Licensing the practice of athletic training

Must be licensed to hold themselves out as such. To HGO then HJ.

HB 3082


Establishing a different amount of annual leave for state employees

Accrue by number of years. Does not affect higher ed. To HGO then HF.

HB 3083


Replacing annual and sick leave for state employees with personal leave

As described. Does not affect higher ed. To HGO then HF.

HB 3095


Allowing retired teachers to be employed by a higher education institution

Employed without losing retirement. Have to join TIAA-CREF or Great Western. Passed HE. Now in HF.

HB 4003

Hollen, Romine, C., Moore, Rohrbach, Summers, Phillips, Hamilton, Storch, Sobonya, Sypolt, Capito

Reducing the use of certain prescription drugs

Limits number of days of prescriptions. To HHHR then HJ.

HB 4006

Romine, R., Blair, Espinosa, Higginbotham,Cowles, Criss, Ellington, Hamrick, Westfall, Atkinson, Statler

Revising the processes through which professional development is delivered for those who provide public education

Eliminates Sec. of Education and the Arts. Passed House. In SE.

HB 4007

Ellington, Moore, Jennings, Butler, Miller, C., Martin, Overington, Fast, Espinosa, Householder, Statler

Allowing home-schooled students to participate in secondary school extracurricular activities

Tim Tebow bill. To HE.

HB 4008

Capito, Upson, Blair, Cowles, White, Espinosa, Ward, Foster, Summers, Statler, Harshbarger

Education Savings Account Act

Administered by Treasurer. To HE then HF.

HB 4011

Hamrick, Phillips, Storch, Walters, Capito, Harshbarger, Kessinger, Householder, Criss, Paynter, Foster

Requiring agencies, when submitting a new rule or changes, to also identify two existing rules that could be repealed

As des