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Room Information

Building: Life Sciences Building Room: 213

Description: nursing classroom

cameras in room

There are no cameras in this room

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Computers in Room

Total: 1 computer(s)

Edit? LocationComputer ModelPrimary UserService TagWarranty Start DateWarranty End DateWarranty leftAgeBuild DateNotesComputer NameDescriptionOUOperating SystemOS Version
Life Sciences Building 213Dell OptiPlex 9020Instructors2WFSG422015-04-142020-04-15-1955 year(s) 6 month(s) 13 days() BECK-2WFSG42LSB 213 - Nursing Classroom - 9020 - Win10CN=BECK-2WFSG42,OU=ManagedPresentationStations,OU=Beckley,DC=wvu-ad,DC=wvu,DC=eduWindows 10 Enterprise10.0 (17134)


SubjCrseSeqTitleCrnCrdt HrsMonTueWedThuFriLocationInstructorMax EnrEnrolledAvailable
1NSG310T01Mat/Inf & Women's Health Nsg828194 0930-1230 Life Sciences Building 213Fink, Peggy:Crowder, Debra36342
2NSG311T01Alterations in Adult Health 1828206 0930-1230 Life Sciences Building 213Spencer, Robin:*****STAFF*****, *****:Ritchie, Teresa36342