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Building: Administrative and Ext Service Room: 408


cameras in room

Konftelcam20Konftel 3.0

projectors in room

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Total: 0 computer(s)


SubjCrseSeqTitleCrnCrdt HrsMonTueWedThuFriLocationInstructorMax EnrEnrolledAvailable
1ENGL100T07English 100 Writing Studio842302 0800-0850 0800-0850 Administrative and Ext Service 408Worm, Anna1275
2ENGL305T05Technical Writing8495530900-0950 0900-0950 0900-0950Administrative and Ext Service 408Worm, Anna251510
3ENGL101T02Intro. Composition & Rhetoric818433 0930-1045 0930-1045 Administrative and Ext Service 408Terry, Douglas25223
4ACE491T01Professional Field Experience8186061200-1250 1200-1250 1200-1250Administrative and Ext Service 408Reynolds, Laura550
5CE421T01Hydraulic Engineering8332541300-1350 1300-1350 1300-1350Administrative and Ext Service 408Dickman, Brian351520
6CE421T02Hydraulic Engineering819144 1400-1650 Administrative and Ext Service 408Dickman, Brian261511