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Building: Administrative and Ext Service Room: 100

Description: auditorium

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SubjCrseSeqTitleCrnCrdt HrsMonTueWedThuFriLocationInstructorMax EnrEnrolledAvailable
1PHSC101T01Introductry Physical Science 1818754 0800-0915 0800-0915 Administrative and Ext Service 100Hurst, Scott482721
2PHYS111T01General Physics8187140900-0950 0900-0950 0900-0950Administrative and Ext Service 100Kim, Tae Jin722943
3PSYC101T04Introduction to Psychology818823 0930-1045 0930-1045 Administrative and Ext Service 100Tharp, Katie:Bastian, Marcia756213
4HIST277T01Revolutions-Science/Technology8412831000-1050 1000-1050 1000-1050Administrative and Ext Service 100Rakes, Paul60591
5PSYC382T01Exceptional Children849533 1100-1215 1100-1215 Administrative and Ext Service 100Hall, Cynthia:Bastian, Marcia2833-5
6BUSA101T01Introduction to Business8187031200-1250 1200-1250 1200-1250Administrative and Ext Service 100Kim, Kyung Moon705317
7WVUE191T05First Year Seminar823701 1300-1350 Administrative and Ext Service 100Froble, Dana:Bastian, Marcia:Harris, Mindy45423
8HIST180T01World History Since 1500851763 1400-1515 1400-1515 Administrative and Ext Service 100Brown, Patrick511338