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Building and Room Type Description
Administrative and Ext Service 100 classroomauditorium
Administrative and Ext Service 300 classroom
Administrative and Ext Service 301 classroom
Administrative and Ext Service 406 classroom
Administrative and Ext Service 408 classroom
Carter Hall 100 classroomclassroom
Carter Hall 106 classroomAuditorium
Carter Hall 203 classroom
Carter Hall 206 classroom
Carter Hall 207 classroom
Carter Hall 209 classroom
Carter Hall 213 classroomclassroom
Classroom Building 102 classroommicro lab
Classroom Building 107 classroomCircuits Lab
Classroom Building 108 classroompower lab
Classroom Building 111 classroomhydraulic lab
Classroom Building 114 classroom
Classroom Building 115 classroom
Classroom Building 209 classroom
Innovation 110 classroom
Innovation 201 classroom
Innovation 202 classroom
Innovation 203 classroom
Innovation 204 classroom
Innovation 211 classroom
Innovation 212 classroom
Innovation 213 classroom
Innovation 214 classroom
Innovation 301 classroom
Innovation 302 classroom
Innovation 303 classroom
Innovation 304 classroomcart computer
Innovation 311 classroom
Innovation 312 classroom
Innovation 313 classroompc on a cart
Innovation 314 classroompc on a cart
Innovation G2 classroom
Interdisciplinary Science B01 classroom
Life Sciences Building 200 classroom
Life Sciences Building 208 classroom
Life Sciences Building 213 classroomnursing classroom
LRC 322 classroom