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Operating policies and procedures documents.

1Employee and Student Fundraising Guide
2Operating Policy - Academic Core Curricular Waivers and Conditional Admittance
3Operating Policy - Advertising Open Faculty, FEAP, and Non-Classified Positions
4Operating Policy - Animal Research/Teaching Ethics Review
5Operating Policy - Delegation of Signature Authority for Employee Travel Requests
6Operating Policy - Inclement Weather Closings/Delays
7Operating Policy - Institutional Excuses
8Operating Policy - Old Main Mailroom Regulations
9Operating Policy - Ordering WVU Tech Stationery Items
10Operating Policy - Policies Concerning CTED Program Admissions, Registration and Fees
11Operating Policy - Probation and Suspension Policies
12Operating Policy - Providing Transportation to Prospective Students
13Operating Policy - Requirements for GED and Non-Traditional Admissions
14Operating Policy - Tobacco-free Campus
15Operating Policy - Use of ACT/SAT scores and GPA Calculation for Admission and Scholarship
16Operating Policy Template