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West Virginia University Institute of Technology

Staff Council



The West Virginia University of Technology Classified Staff Council is created for the
purpose of promoting a means by which classified employees may convey their thinking
on employee - employer relations. Recognizing that all matters at West Virginia
University Institute of Technology are governed by West Virginia Code, the West
Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission, the West Virginia University Institute of
Technology Board of Visitors, and the Provost of West Virginia University Institute of
Technology, we do hereby establish this constitution.

Article I

The name of this organization shall be the West Virginia University Institute of
Technology Classified Staff Council, hereafter referred to as the Staff Council.

Article II - Authority

The Staff Council shall be a unit of West Virginia University Institute of Technology,
herein after referred to as WVU Tech, and shall continue to be so until such time as the
Staff Council is dissolved by state code.

Article III - Purpose

The Purposes of the Staff Council are:
  1. To serve as a representative body for all classified employees of WVU Tech.
  2. To address all issues of general interest to the classified staff.
  3. To provide a two-way medium for exchange of information between the employees and employer relative to subjects of mutual concern.
  4. To foster a spirit of unity and cooperation among employees.
  5. To consider methods and means by which employment conditions may be improved and operating efficiency of Tech increased.
  6. To act in advisory capacity and to administer such functions and powers as delegated by the Provost of WVU Tech.
  7. The Provost shall meet with the Classified Staff Council at least quarterly to discuss matters affecting classified employees.

Article IV - Membership

The Classified Staff Council shall consist of two representatives from each classified job
group and the elected representative to the State Advisory Council of Classified
Employees as per WV State Code 18 B-6-6.
  1. Professional/non-teaching
  2. Administrative/Managerial
  3. Clerical/Secretarial
  4. Paraprofessional
  5. Physical Plant/Maintenance
  6. The Elected representative to the State Advisory Council of Classified Employees
There will also be one non-voting member that has been elected as the classified staff
representative to the WVU Institute of Technology Board of Visitors. This membership is
to foster communication between the various advisory boards.

Article V - Term of Office

  1. The term of office for a member of the Classified Staff Council will be two
    (2) years and shall begin with the July meeting following the election.
  2. Elections of representatives will be done in the manner prescribed in the
    Bylaws incorporated in Article VI of the Constitution.
  3. Vacancies will be created by death, termination of service to WVU Tech,
    resignation, switching occupational group, and by missing three unexcused
    meetings (excused defined as sick, annual leave, or off-contract). Vacancies
    will be filled according to the Staff Council Election Procedures, Article VI.
  4. The retiring chair of the Staff Council may serve as advisor during the
    transition from one administration to another upon approval of the council.
    This will be in a non-voting capacity.

Article VI - Elections

Elections shall be conducted each odd-numbered year in April by the Chair of the Staff
Council to elect the members of the Staff Council. Results of the elections shall be sent to
all members of the classified staff.

Article VII - Officers

The Staff Council, by two-thirds majority vote, may remove any officer for cause.

If either the Chair or Secretary Office is vacant, a new election shall be held for the
vacant office.

Article VIII - Amendments

Amendments to the Constitution may be made by a two-thirds vote of the Staff Council.
A notice that an amendment is to be proposed must be given to all members of the Staff
council at least ten (10) days prior to the meetings. The notice shall contain the proposed
amendment(s) or the general nature of the proposal.